Tackling the COVID-19 Pandemic
One of the Fund’s top priorities is activity aimed at combating COVID-19
One of the Fund’s top priorities is activity aimed at combating COVID-19 by providing financial support to projects devoted to the creation and distribution of free at-home saliva-based COVID-19 testing kits. The project involves the distribution of the testing kits by making them readily available in vending machines and by providing them free of charge to various organizations such as educational institutions and medical centers etc.
A widely available, speedily and accurate home testing kit can be game changing in combatting Covid 19. By diagnosing early and accurately, better treatment and prevention methods can be put in place that in a very short period of time can help to  reduce and finally stop the spread of  COVID-19.
Funding is required for organizing and conducting clinical trials as well as  the development of a single COVID-19 exchange of information platform that will bring researchers, doctors, projects’ sponsors and patient organizations, all the key players in the healthcare system together under one umbrella where they can all interact and exchange opinions.
The Fund takes responsibility for identifying innovative projects in this specific field, attracting funding, making contracts with laboratories for conducting research, implementing the registration process and inviting partners to collaborate in the fight against Covid 19.
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