Activities for Saving and Protecting Endangered Animals
Scientists have proven that a number of members of the class of cephalopods is a source of new antimicrobial substances. Antibacterial properties of biologically active substances (BAS) of different chemical nature was recovered from members of the class of cephalopods.
If this process is not stopped, we will not only lose a valuable population, but also the opportunity to use the unique properties of mollusks for the benefit of mankind.
Trials show that antibacterial activity of some BAS is not inferior, but in some cases is even superior to the available antibiotics. These antibacterial properties serve as a foundation for the development of new generations of medicinal compounds and it is stronger than ever before, when strains of microorganisms with new properties emerge. However today mollusks are dying out in huge numbers as a result of human activity. Some species are critically endangered and are listed on the Red List of Threatened Species of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
The Foundation invites everyone who is not indifferent to take part in solving this issue.
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